Completed Projects

NEOM Construction Village

ECEC’s scope was to Design and Supervise the construction of the 10,000 worker accommodation camp, providing the best environment and facilities for the laborers who will be involved in the construction, planning and execution of the NEOM Project over a 10-year period. The scope involved the design, engineering and supervision of the entire village, demonstrating […]

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Al-Ahsa Hospital

The 500 Bed Hospital development in Al-Ahsa is a valuable contribution to the future development of the healthcare sector, ensuring that the hospital can grow and continue to provide the highest quality of service to its community that balances social-cultural, environmental and economic aspects and solid stakeholder management process. The Ministry of Health of Saudi […]

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National Control Center

The National Control Center is at the top of the hierarchy of Control Centers with inter‐computer links provided to the four regional control centers in the central, eastern, western & southern regions. The Center will be linked to the GCCIA control center at the clients Ghunan substation. ECEC’s scope for the National Control center (NCC) […]

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Princess Al-Anoud Tower

ECEC was committed to design the high-rise landmark tower in Riyadh, offering a large-scale development management experience and an integrated planning & design approach which cater to the clients’ needs. Al-Anoud towers are a 155m twin tower consisting of 20 floors and 3 basement levels, situated in a prominent position in King Fahad Road, Riyadh […]

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  1. 1979 ECEC was established.
  2. 1987 Al-Ouda Office – Building 1
  3. 1992 Al-Otaishan Compound
  4. 1994 Almarai Corporate Head Quarter, Riyadh
  5. 1999 Tanzanian Ambassadors’ Residence and the Chancery building
  6. 2002 Princess Al Anoud Towers
  7. 2005 Veterinary Laboratory for Al-Qassim University
  8. 2010 400 bed Maternity and children’s hospital, MOH
  9. 2015 Distribution Control center
  10. 2018 Telal Al-Khamis residential compound
  11. 2019 NEOM Construction Village
  12. 2020 UN headquarters for the KSA delegation, New York
  13. 2021 Ministry Of Culture, multiple Libraries